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Dennis Dillon FIAT & Alfa Romeo is a family-owned and operated dealership offering the very best quality of vehicles at the very best of deals.
We have a highly experienced staff in place that brings their passion and dedication to the FIAT & Alfa Romeo franchise and to Dennis Dillon as a whole. As with any great auto dealership, the knowledge that the sales force can offer up is invaluable to you as the consumer - and at Dennis Dillon FIAT, our knowledge is supreme!
Here at Dennis Dillon FIAT & Alfa Romeo we take great strides in order to apply the number one sales process to our customers: low prices, exceptional products, and a staff and management that is eager to meet you and help you in any way that you might need. Dennis Dillon FIAT is proud to be able to bring this award-winning automobile line to you today! Whether you are on the hunt for a new or used FIAT vehicle or are in need of genuine FIAT parts and services, Dennis Dillon FIAT would be more than happy to supply you with what you’re looking for.

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2495 S Orchard St, Boise, ID 83705

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