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Orange County Pool Guard is proud to offer and install top quality Pool Guard removable pool safety
Fences and pool nets at very reasonable pricing. We understand your need to protect your family and neighborhood from the danger of pool drowning and are pleased you have taken a proactive step in finding the solution. At Pool Guard, we will take care of pool fencing and net needs, making your swimming pool more secure from accidents. O.C. Pool Guard provides you with years of technical pool fence experience, and great customer service all through the pool fence estimate, purchase and installation.
Pool drowning is a tragedy that is more common than people think, but, parents are preventing them from happening. The number of infant pool deaths in Southern California swimming pools has dropped by half since 1998, despite increasing number of pools being built. This is because parents have taken the steps to make their backyard safer by enclosing their swimming pool with fences, covering pools and spas with nets, and making sure side yard gates are shut and latched.

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